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Team mini weddings

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There is no magic behind Stories from Team Mini Weddings ! .... Photography is our passion !!

Every wedding is a reflection of the love, hard work and dedication of the souls involved in it. Our endeavor is to convey these emotions in its natural bliss in every frame we capture, these frames speak the same beyond time and generations.
When others go behind trends, we at Team Mini strive hard to keep alive those precious moments without losing the happiness intensity behind them.
 Each and every frame has a story to tell and our Stories from Team Mini Weddings are the memories that we create for a lifetime


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suggestions for clients to get the best from us on your wedding day

 After you’ve put so much time and effort in researching and hiring the photographer to capture your big day, do you think now you can just sit and relax? Here are the things that a client should keep in mind after selecting the Kerala wedding photography expert to cover your function. 

communicate – When you fix the photographer for your big day to cover the precious moments, remember that you are making a ‘once in a life time choice’. So, it is very important to make sure that everything goes perfect. Create a rapport with your photography team before the function. Ask their suggestions  

Stick with scheduled plans   –  Never alter your finalized schedules as this may affect the planning of the photographers too. Asking the photographers to arrive few hours early or scheduling the functions few hours late that earlier planned may hinder the photographers’ plans. 

 Share your expectations  –  Talk with your photographer, discuss your plans and share your expectations. Tell them what you want. Show them, your references, but be realistic. Let the photographer know prior to the wedding, if there are certain shots you don’t want to be captured – like ‘I don’t want the photos where I don’t smile’, or ‘We don’t want close-ups’ etc. 

Help the photographers to organize group photos  –  Assign a close relative or friend of you who knows your family and friends, to help coordinate with the photographer to organize people for photos. Help the photographer to gather the people needed, and then release them when they’re done. This helps to keep things move quickly and smoothly. 


Don’t pose, act natural : If you are too much concerned about posing for photos, things may not look natural. Relax, act naturally. Forget the world around you, have fun, live the moment. And leave the rest to the photographers. They will capture your best candid moments.

Do pre-wedding shoots 

Pre-wedding shoot sessions not only helps the clients to increase the confidence and comfort level in front of the camera, but will also help to shed off their inhibitions and tensions. This will be an opportunity for the photographers too to get to know the clients well. Pre-wedding shoots will also allow the clients to practice having their photo taken in a fun, no-stakes atmosphere.

Go for classic shots too

To-be-weds may often get attracted and fall for something trendy in photography, but remember that it is important to make sure that your wedding images stand the test of time and are valued for each following generation. Discuss with your photographer and make sure that you go for some classic shots too in addition to your favorite trendy shots.

Smile, smile and smile

To all the to-be-weds, smile, smile and smile. You look prettier when you smile. And tell everyone around you to smile. The brides-maids, the ones who walks down the aisle, parents, and relatives-tell everyone to smile.

Give the best ambiance and decor always compliment the photos. Make sure that the event venue and decor provide the best and attractive ambiance.

Trust your photographer : Once you choose the best available destination wedding photographer in town after all your researches, trust them. They know how to make the photographs tell the story of your wedding. A professional wedding photographer will always know to capture those planned moments like first kiss, cake – cutting etc as well as the more spontaneous moments as well.

Give the photographers, their time, space and freedom

 Beautiful photos and full coverage of the function needs appropriate time planning too. Give the photographers their space and time to capture photos. Give them time to take those makeup shots and before-wedding couple portraits. And don’t let your relatives or friends with camera come in the way of photographers as this may make them miss their shots. Ask your people to leave their camera at home and leave the photography to us.